Episode 8

Published on:

22nd Feb 2021

Caring More With Sara Mauskopf

This week, the hosts are over winter and guest Sara Mauskopf, CEO and Co-Founder of Winnie, shares how her frustration with the long search to find child care resulted in her taking matters into her own hands by creating one of the largest online marketplaces for it. Today, Winnie is used throughout the United States and is helping connect millions of parents with high quality child care.

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We Should Be Sleeping
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Millennials are achieving freedom with a new definition of success. Our careers, relationships, educations, and even our politics, look nothing like our parents’. We are repapering the roadmap toward our personal goals and embracing what moves us along the way. We are adopting what works and throwing out the rest. We are tired, but not worn, in our quest to get there.

We Should Be Sleeping explores the things worth losing sleep over. Each week, the hosts explore the news and topics that keep them awake. Then, guests share the intentional ways they’ve done it differently to achieve a new brand of success that's authentic, unconventional, and definitive of our generation.

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